Field Hockey snatches tenth straight win of the season


The Wolverines celebrate after beating Bonita 1-0 at the Homecoming game on Saturday. Photo Credit: Ryan Albert/Chronicle

Luke Casola

Field hockey defeated Chaminade High School 2-0 after beating Glendora 1-0 on Tuesday to mark the team’s tenth straight win of season, improving to 10-0 overall. The squad has not lost a game since the 15-3-3 season in 2016 and continues to keep the winning streak alive after last year’s LAFHA title winning 20-0 season, moving to 30-0 over the past two seasons.

“It’s exciting [to be undefeated] but we’re staying focused one game at a time,” defender Scarlett Strasberg ’20 said.

The team led 1-0 at the half today with a goal scored by freshman Bella Ganocy ’22. Bella Ganocy also scored the team’s only goal in the win against Glendora on Tuesday.

Center forward Emily Kornguth ’20 praised the team’s success in the game today.

“I think we did a really good job staying aggressive especially in the second half,” Kornguth said. “Also, in this game we executed new skills we learned in practice.”

So far this season, the Wolverines have allowed five goals through the first 10 games compared to only allowing three goals in all 20 games last season. Despite allowing more goals this season, the squad has shut out its opponent in eight of the 10 games so far.

“It feels great [to win with a shut out] but we are only about half way through the season and are working really hard to stay locked in,” Kornguth said. “We are continuously trying to play our best every game and hope to achieve the same success as last year.”

The Wolverines are scheduled to play Westlake High School on Monday in a league match up and Thousand Oaks High School on Oct. 11 in a non-league matchup. Last season, the Wolverines finished 2-0 against both teams.