Submission of Community Service Hours up online

Frank Jiang

Students can now submit their community service hours digitally on instead of turning in community service hours forms through the Community Council’s new electronic submission system.

The Council said the new page will encourage students to perform more community service, increase its presence on campus and make the process of submitting hours smoother in general.

“The biggest difference is that it’s just easier, and you don’t have to really worry about losing the form,” Community Council member Amy Kronenberg ’20. “I know last year I lost the form like 10 times, and I didn’t turn in my hours until the end of the year even though I had already completed them at the beginning of the year.”

Upper School Dean of Students and Community Council advisor Jordan Church said he hopes that the students will appreciate the more modern system.

“I think that it’s great that they’ll be able to see through the online portal exactly what they’ve done and for how many hours,” Church said. “Before, it was just kind of this generic, nebulous ‘you have done 12 hours, and you have done 25,’ but you didn’t know what was being accounted for in the system, so I think that’s definitely a big plus in this whole new system.”