Prefect Council implements new system for students moving assessments

Lindsay Wu

Prefect Council implemented a new Orange Sheet system, which students will now use to move a test when they have three or more on the same day. The junior prefects announced the new initiative during the junior class meeting Nov. 30.  

To complete the form, students must collect signatures from the teachers who are administering exams to them on that day.  Students may only move in-class, individual assessments that are 30 minutes or longer, and must turn in the form at least 72 hours before the originally scheduled test. In addition, teachers are not required to accommodate students if they have not turned in an Orange Sheet.

“Prefect Council chose to implement this system because it actively shows a mutual sense of empathy and respect for the struggles of students and teachers alike,” prefect Michael Lehrhoff ’20 said.  “I hope that now teachers will not feel as rushed to write new assessments and that they will not need to hastily rearrange their schedules to accommodate for students’ conflicts. I believe that this system helps encourage students to plan ahead as well as feel reassured that teachers and the administration recognize and want to help manage students’ stress.”

The Orange Sheets will also eliminate miscommunication between students and their teachers, Lehrhoff said.

“I think that the orange sheets are a good idea,” Alex Daum ’20 said. “Before, when I wanted to move an assignment, many teachers would be hesitant to say yes. Since the sheets establish the rule more officially, I think more teachers will be more willing.”