Students purchase pizza on Food Truck Friday

Ruoshan Dong

As part of Prefect Council’s monthly Food Truck Friday, students purchased New York style-pizza from the Made In Brooklyn Pizza truck Nov. 30.

The goal of the project, headed by Jaya Nayar ’20 and Jonathan Cosgrove ’21, was to improve the variety of the food available on campus, Prefect Council said.

“We thought that bringing food trucks would be a good experience for everyone,” prefect Andrew Gong ’21 said. “Just having the same cafeteria food everyday can get kind of repetitive, and so we thought that organizing [Food Truck Fridays] could sort of remedy that.”

Students were able to purchase cheese, pepperoni, margherita or BBQ Chicken pizza for $5 a slice.

Overall, students said that they enjoyed the trucks, and were grateful to have the opportunity to try something new for lunch.

“Personally, I really enjoyed the food trucks,” John Szijjarto ’21 said. “Even though cafeteria food is great, sometimes it’s nice to switch it up and try something new. Having food trucks on campus felt like a special occasion, and I thought the pizza was delicious.”