HW Venture holds Prova Design Launch

Evie de Rubertis

Jonathan Damico ’19 and Cameron Schiller ’19 held a launch party for their startup company, Prova Backpacks, to deliver pre-ordered bags to students Dec. 7.

Schiller said that though selling commercial products at school can be difficult as there are rules that restrict on-campus sales, he and Damico were still able to use the school community as a platform for selling the backpacks with the help and approval of the members of HW Venture.

“It feels great; the validation is really nice because startups are really tricky and you do not know if they are going to take off or not, and once you get that confirmation, it feels absolutely great,” Schiller said. “We are going to produce Prova bags as long as people want them.”

At the launch party, Schiller and Damico delivered the backpacks to students who had pre-ordered the product online along with stickers they designed that included their company’s logo.

“Whenever we give a bag to someone physically, it means a lot more to us than putting it in a box and shipping it away, and it is great to see a lot of people in this community who have supported us for a while too,” Damico said.

Immediately following the launch, Damico and Schiller delivered the bags to the people who ordered online all over Los Angeles.

The school bags are also available on Amazon and through their website for people outside the school community to place orders.

“It’s been a long time coming and we spent a lot of time on the project, so it’s just nice to see that we put a product in the world that people actually want,” Damico said.