Animal Rights Club fundraiser exceeds collection goals

Evie de Rubertis

The Animal Rights Club, ARC, exceeded their collection goal of $300 from the second annual fundraiser they held for the Los Angeles Animal Service shelters, Club President Amelia Koblentz ’20 said. Over winter break, club members delivered the donations collected from the drive.

“Ever since adopting my dog, I have discovered a great love for animals,” Koblentz said. “[The drive was a good way to] focus my efforts on helping animals in need in our community.”

In order to maximize their donations, club members provided and sold baked goods from Dec. 10-14. The bake sale brought in over $700, nearly triple the initial goal, Koblentz said.

ARC also held a collection drive throughout the week. The club requested steel bowls, blankets, linens and peanut butter, as well as dog and cat toys, treats and PetCo gift cards. The drive also exceeded its set goal, Koblentz said.

Koblentz said that the volunteers at the shelter were incredibly grateful for the donations.

“While I was there, they began to unpack the items, and one of the volunteers excitedly grabbed the large bags of treats and took them back to the volunteer area to use,” Koblentz said.

ARC is now in the process of planning future community service events, where students will make toys for shelter animals.