School launches new pilot program, streamlines process to leave campus

Lindsay Wu

In order to make the current attendance process more convenient and organized, students will now check in and out of campus using iPads with specialized apps.

Though the new initiative is currently in its pilot phase, the school hopes to formalize the process in future years, Dean of Students Jordan Church said.
Previously, students signed in and out on paper logs located in Upper School Student Discipline and Attendance Coordinator Gabriel Preciado’s office or the security kiosk at the main entrance.

Under the new system, iPads will replace paper logs for increased efficiency and accuracy.

“With the iPads, I am now able to track information very easily,” Preciado said. “Also, it is an easier process for me and for campus security. Sometimes, it’s kind of hard to read when seniors sign out on the log. In the event that I would need to have that information, the new system is just more accessible because it is centralized and easy to read.”

Students are still required to obtain passes from Preciado before departing from campus. The iPads will track the exact time of students’ departures, as they sometimes pick up passes hours before leaving campus, Preciado said.

Currently, there are two iPads designated for attendance, one for seniors and one for sophomores and juniors.

Initially, Preciado installed both in his office, but has since moved them to test different locations, he said.

Rehaan Furniturewala ’19 designed the current software used to check students in and out.

Furniturewala has worked closely with Preciado since his sophomore year to craft the new system, he said. Church then proposed the new attendance policy to the administration, who supported the idea.

“This was originally not even supposed to be for the students,” Furniturewala said. “I made it for the administration so that the school can be safer, but students also liked it. It’s nice to know that at least some people like the stuff I make, and that’s why I wanted to do it in the first place.”

If the new system proves worthwhile, the Information Technology department will improve the software and integrate it into the school database, Church said.

Students also said that they enjoy the convenience of the iPads.
“I think the iPads are great,” Stephanie Cho ’20 said. “It makes the checkout process really convenient and easy, and I think developing the new system even further would be really useful for the school in the future.”