Prefects sell flowers for Valentine’s Day

Hannah Han

In an effort to spread Valentine’s Day spirit, Prefect Council sold daisies and roses for $2 each Feb. 14.

Though Prefect Council ordered 150 flowers in preparation for the sale, they sold out by fourth period.  To accommodate the high demand, prefects purchased additional bouquets from Ralph’s, Prefect Cleo Maloney ’21 said.

Due to the rain, students and faculty bought roses in the lounge instead of on the quad.

Prefect Sebastian Li ’20 said he hoped the event would promote a sense of inclusion within the community.

“We wanted to give students the opportunity to express their feelings to their friends, and also bond on this special day,” Li said.  “I think the event did make a positive impact on the community.”

Daisy Wan ’20 said she purchased roses for her friends in order to show her appreciation for them.

“Some of my friends got me daisies, which was really sweet, so I bought them different colored roses in return,” Wan said.