Students report on gun violence

Jeanine Kim

Since Parkland, a project run by teen journalists that has been chronicling gun-related deaths across the U.S., released their report on Feb. 14, the one-year anniversary of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Chronicle Managing Editor Kaitlin Musante ’19 has been working on the project since August with over 200 other high school journalists around the country to document shootings and massacres that involve children and teenagers, anyone from ages zero to 18.

“Parkland was a horrific, tragic shooting, and it woke a lot of people up,” Musante said. “But in a larger sense, I wanted to cover gun violence because it’s such a prominent issue in our country, in ways beyond just school shootings.”

News organizations such as The Trace, the Miami Herald and the Gun Violence Archive are supporters of the project.

The report concluded that at least 1,149 children and teenagers have died in gun-related deaths in the last year. The Parkland shooting was a catalyst for many student activists who decided to protest the growing number of school shootings that have happened in recent years, according to Vox News.

Instead of focusing on statistics like national professional news organizations, Since Parkland reporters emphasized the personal stories of the victims, creating narratives rather than numbers.

“I think [the project] puts a face to the issue,” Musante said. “When you see numbers, you see really shocking statistics, but you don’t necessarily know whose lives they’re affecting and the wide diversity of life being affected.”