Clothing drive counteracts negative effects of fast fashion

Madi Massey

AP Environmental Science students conducted a clothing drive Feb. 11-15 to raise awareness about the impact of fast fashion in hopes of bringing attention to the dangers of the industry and its negative impact on the environment.

Clothing drive organizers Dahlia Low ’20 and Sarah Bagley ’20 donated the clothes to the National Council of Jewish Women.
During the week-long event, Low and Bagley set up a table with information about the details of the industry.

“We wanted to do something that combated the industry and affected the community in a positive way,” Low said. “To do this, we thought that deterring people from buying clothes from big brands like Zara, Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. If everyone was aware of the consequences, our clothing drive could potentially have a large impact in the future.”

Bagley and Low’s project was part of the APES curriculum, which requires students to create projects with a community service component. By donating used clothes, the student body had the opportunity to support a local and relevant cause, Low said.

“At first, we did not get many donations, but after educating people about the dangers of the fast fashion industry, we got an overwhelming amount of donations,” Low said. “I would say we had over ten garbage bags full, which we donated to a great place.”