Model UN students honored at conference

Frank Jiang

Thirteen students represented the countries of Lithuania, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Mongolia, as well as prominent people from Ireland, Great Britain, Korea and the U.S., in a Model UN Conference at UC Santa Barbara on Feb.14-17.

Club members worked in either the General Assembly Committee or Crisis Committees. In the General Assembly, students acted as delegates from different countries, while in Crisis Committees, seven students split into two teams to solve specific crises that could occur. During this conference, one team on the Crisis Committee acted as Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet, while the other acted as a terrorist organization, the Irish Republican Army. Both committees, though separate, passed directives that impacted the other.

At the end of the conference, Chronicle Staff Writer and Layout Assistant Alice He ’21, Will Evans ’19 and Lucy Kim ’19 won Best Delegates awards. Chronicle Staff Writer and Layout Assistant Celine Park ’21, Kate Konvitz ’20 and Alex Poe ’20 received outstanding delegate certificates. Chronicle Staff Writer and Layout Assistant Emma Limor ’21 also received a commendation.

Club president Evans attributed the success of the Model United Nations team to students’ dedication towards the activity.

“[Focusing on] how much you speak, the quality of your speeches, how well you work with other people – so you can be speaking and raising good points – will help you out, but if you’re really hard to work with and very uncompromising, that also can play a factor in the award.”