Senior raises and releases trout for research project

Marina Nascimento

As part of his Advanced Placement Environmental Science research project, a Ethan Rosen ’19 released the trout he raised for his research project into Castaic Lake Thursday.

“We chose to release them based on where the trout could be used to reduce the fishing burden on local populations,” Rosen said.

Though AP Environmental Science classes have previously raised and released fish through the Trout in the Classroom initiative, Rosen’s experiment focused on fish development, AP Environmental Science teacher Nadine Eisenkolb said.

Throughout his research, Rosen divided the tank in half. He placed toys in one half, and compared their effect on the fish population.

“The experiment itself was looking at how external stimuli in the form of fish toys such as fake plants, a plastic scuba diver, and other items meant to liven up a fish tank, affect the growth and development of fish,” Rosen said.