LAHSO hosts first independent sleepover


Members of LAHSO sit on the stairs during their first independent sleepover. Credit: Marina Nascimento/ Chronicle

Austin Lee

Students in the Latin American and Hispanic Student Organization held their second annual sleepover at the school to get to know each other better and to discuss issues present in the Latino community April 26, attendee Penny Juarez ’21 said.

The event was LAHSO’s first independent sleepover, as last year’s sleepover included members of the Black Leadership Awareness and Culture Club.
Students bonded with each other through games, food and team-building icebreaker activities.

Attendees also spoke about issues particularly affecting Latin American or Hispanic students, such as fitting in, preconceptions caused by race and finding people who have had similar experiences, Juarez said.

“I think every moment of the LAHSO sleepover was the most important and just the most incredible moment because we were all able to connect with each other in a way that you usually wouldn’t be able to in [during] a normal school day,” Sarah Rivera ’21 said.
Several students said they enjoyed the event and are excited for the third annual sleepover.

“I look forward to coming back next year and being able to not only relive all the good memories I made tonight but also be able to create those new memories for the incoming people,” Rivera said.