Librarians design new search engine

Chronicle Staff

Call it the “Google” of library search engines, Wolverine Search will combine all of the library’s databases simultaneously with a single intuitive interface.

The powerful new search engine will be available to upper and middle school students possibly this October or November

Librarian Virgina Alexander and the library staff began programming the search engine last June, and are finishing and adding final touches to the system.

The system will run through Webfeat, an award winning medisearch interface that is used by over 5,000 library clients, according to their website.

“When students see this, they’re going to like it,” Alexander said.

The new search engine will make a significant impact on students and the way they research. Students will also be able to conveniently access the database anytime at home.

“It’ll definitely help me a lot when I’m doing research projects because I’ll be able to gather more quality results in less time,” Alistair Belton ’09 said.