Environmental Club hosts final events to encourage sustainability

Ruoshan Dong

In addition to distributing donuts to students using reusable water bottles, the Environmental Club sold sustainable utensils and promoted environmental organizations as part of its Donut Forget Your Water Bottle event May 23. Club members sold environmentally sustainable cutlery sets, straws, bracelets and homemade pins to encourage students to seek environmentally friendly alternatives. Proceeds from the sale will go towards purchasing new recycling bins for the next school year.

The Environmental Club also collaborated with the Latin American-Hispanic Student Organization and Black Leadership, Awareness and Culture Club to host the event.

Club President Anja Clark ’19 said that the goal of the partnership was to spread climate change awareness to a wider group of students.

“We wanted to branch out to a wider audience instead of just sticking to raising awareness about plastic, which we’ve been doing for a while,” Clark said.

Club member Helen Graham ’21 said she hopes the event will inspire students to take care of the environment.

“It’s not just about lowering the impact of how much plastic we use, but also about teaching kids to be more environmentally friendly throughout the rest of their lives,” Graham said.