Field lights are a month away

Chronicle Staff

Harvard-Westlake will start installing state-of-the-art field lights for Ted Slavin Field by November Head of Campus Operations J.D. Dematte said.

“These lights are of the highest quality,” DeMatte said. There will be four lights roughly near the 20-25 yard sidelines on each side. There will be a total of 82 lamp lights instead of the original plan of 68.

According to DeMatte, having any more than 70 lamp lights would probably provide television broadcast lighting quality. After the school received initial approval, there was a 15-day waiting period in which anyone could appeal the City Planning Department’s decision.

The school has already gained approval for the lights, and now are just awaiting some paperwork issues to obtain their permit card to install the lights.

Head of Athletics Audrius Barzdukas said that once the school gets the lights, they can be installed in 48 hours. However, the company selling the school the lights, Musco Lighting, has a long list of applicants.

“The lights are being made elsewhere as we speak,” DeMatte said.