City to resurface Coldwater

Chronicle Staff

Coldwater Canyon Avenue

will be closed to traffic from

Ventura Boulevard


Mulholland Drive

on the last two weekends in January for resurfacing, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services said. Residents will be allowed to enter and exit the closed area, and the school will remain accessible to anyone who shows proof that they are attending a school function, the spokesman said.

The SAT I and SAT II will be administered on campus Saturday, Jan. 27, one of the dates the road work will be underway.

The resurfacing is unrelated to the construction of a new 60-inch wide water main down the length of

Coldwater Canyon Avenue

planned for early 2008. The construction project will eliminate about 30 parking spaces in front of the school for about six months and will block school entrances from June 15 to Aug. 15, though road traffic will continue.