Robotics team wins scrimmage, places in regional competition

The robotics team is focusing on recruiting new members this spring after progressing to the quarterfinals of the Southern California Regional Competition Dec. 15 at Cal State Northridge.
The team had placed first in a preparatory scrimmage for the competition.

The mission was to build a robot that could transport balls into a goal more efficiently than any other team’s robot.

“It is a fulfilling result as it is evidence of our team’s hard work and commitment,” team captain Justin Chow ’07 said.  “I am very proud of how much dedication every team member contributed towards both building the robot and forging a stronger team.”

Contrary to popular belief, robotics is not solely math and science, especially when in the midst of a competition. 

Chow said major aspects of robotics include leadership, communication and decision-making skills.
These skills must be demonstrated when the team has to advertise its strengths in order to be chosen as an alliance partner by a top team. 

In the heat of battle, decision-making is key as well, evident when the Wolverine robot malfunctioned while in autonomous mode, the 20-second period before the driver takes control for the remaining two minutes of play.

“We had to weigh the costs and time of fixing the mode versus wiping it off and ignoring that feature,” Chow said.