Former dean to head history department, history teacher to chair Middle School FAC

At the beginning of the coming academic year, history teacher Stephen Chan will become the Chair of the Middle School Faculty Academic Committee.

Chan will be replacing history and Latin teacher John Corsello who will return to the position of middle school history department chair in place of Paul Chenier.

The Middle School FAC makes recommendations about the curriculum at the Middle School. 
Chan has been previously involved in the development of curriculum as the team leader for both the seventh and eighth grade history courses. 

“I am going to be working with a group of really talented department chairs, so I am looking forward to the opportunity,” Chan said.

Corsello will return as history department chair for the first time in about eight years.

“My goal is to help the department to make our curriculum the best it can be and also to provide the best possible working environment for my colleagues,” Corsello said. “Enthusiastic, well-prepared teachers connect with students and give them the tools to be history scholars.” 

“History classes should be challenging but also interesting and fun,” Corsello said.

Next year will be Corsello’s 30th at the school. He has been a history and Latin teacher and the foreign language department chair at Harvard School.

At Harvard-Westlake, he was head of the upper school foreign language department and head of the middle school history department before becoming a seventh grade dean.

After four years as dean, Corsello said he returned to full-time teaching of history and Latin because his true love is teaching.

“I love H-W and plan on being here ‘till I retire,” Corsello said. “I also see myself taking on a variety of new challenges as long as I am here, whether it be department chair, dean or teacher at the Middle or Upper School.  H-W is a wonderful place to grow and learn not only for students but also for teachers.”