Senior seminars to be profound, practical

Classes ranging from astrology to car maintenance to basics of dorm life will be taught during the week of seminars for seniors after the end of AP classes.

The seminars, which will be held from May 21 to 25, are new this year and aimed at seniors who no longer have class after AP tests. Teachers were encouraged to design seminars on the topics of their choice.

Seminars organizer Deborah Dowling, the director of studies, will teach a seminar entitled “Random Question Time.” A description for the class listed on the schedule says that “the answers ‘dunno’ and ‘none of your business’ will be used only rarely.”

Seniors are expected to sign up for seminars, but they may attend any seminar without doing so if there is space. Students are not permitted to cut class to attend a seminar, Dowling said.

Dowling has asked that students email her with questions.