Calvert shines on three different teams

During the fall, crowds roared as he dashed down the sideline carrying the football toward the end-zone. During the winter, he wowed fans by scoring a goal in the waning moments of their showdown with Loyola. And during the spring, he showcased his athletic ability as the star of the baseball team. Ryan Calvert ’07 is one of the most prolific athletes on campus.

At the beginning of the year, Calvert donned a helmet and pads and used shifty moves and breathtaking speed to blow past helpless defenders.

“Ryan was a multiple threat as a receiver, punt-returner, kick-returner, and defensive back,” Head Football Coach Vic Eumont said. “He has the innate ability to react to the ball in the air or escape from a tackler, along with excellent hand-eye coordination. He has an inner sense to burst to or away from the moment of impact.”

In addition to being a force on the field, Calvert was a calming influence in the locker room.

“Everyone looked to Ryan for effort, attitude and athleticism,” Eumont said. “Because he was not very big or strong, all his teammates felt that if he was successful, they could be successful too. He is one of those people who lights up a room and then makes everyone else better.”

After helping the football team make a run into the playoffs, Calvert put on high-socks and shin guards and was featured as one of the top defensive stoppers on the soccer team.

“He was in charge of marking the opponent’s best offensive player,” Head Soccer Coach Freddy Arroyo said. “Ryan is a stud.  He is an all around athlete who could play different positions.  He is capable of marking the other team’s best defender and also being dangerous offensively on headers.”

When the Wolverines squared off against Loyola, a perennial league powerhouse, Calvert supplied the team with a winning goal on a cross from a corner kick.

“It was the first victory against Loyola in seven years, and that day we also clinched a playoff berth for the first time in seven years,” Arroyo said. “Ryan was a Mission League second team selection, and received the Iron Man Award at our team banquet.”

In the spring, Calvert grabbed a glove and established himself as the star of the baseball team. He bats lead-off and contributes in every facet of the game.

“If Ryan goes, we go,” head baseball coach Matt LaCour said. “If you need a bunt, stolen base, big hit, you hope that Ryan is the guy in that spot.”

Along with being a skilled contributor to the team, Calvert’s positive attitude and strong team spirit make him an integral part of any team’s chemistry his coaches all agree.

Early in the season, Calvert made his first error of the season. It occurred on a deep fly ball to center field that was very close to the wall.

After the play, the coaching staff yelled at the other outfielders for not communicating with Calvert and telling him where he was in relation to the wall. Calvert calmly went up to the coaches in the dugout and said that his teammates were talking with him, he just “screwed up.”

“We found out a week later from the other outfielders that they had not said a word to him during the play,” LaCour said. “Ryan stood up and took the hit for his teammates so that we could get back to the game. A true leader and winner: that sums Ryan up as a teammate.”

All of his coaches agree that Calvert is a highly talented all-around athlete, but his football coach put it best.

“His strengths are all of the above and his only weakness is that he is allergic to kryptonite,” Eumont said. “He is the complete package.”