Alumni improv show delivers

By Drew Lash

Every night a new audience. Every night a new show. Literally.

Eight alumni performed “One Night Stand,” an improvised musical based on a title suggested by the audience. The show was presented at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

 Will Adashek ’01, Quinn Beswick ’06, Adam Cochran ’04, Josh Margolin ’07, Samantha Martin ’06, Jonah Platt ’04, Andrew Resnick ’04 and Mollie Taxe ’04 made up the acting troupe, Quarter Life Crisis.

Platt, the creator of the Scene Monkeys, organized the show.  The executive producer and Jonah’s father, Marc Platt is also known for producing the Broadway musical “Wicked.” Harvard-Westlake acting teacher Michele Spears directed the musical while  Dan Fishbach ’94, a former Harvard-Westlake teacher, and Will Adashek ’01 also helped produce the show.

Platt said his favorite performance was given the title “The Walk of Shame,” which starred a Ford Car Company workman who created a flying car out of bed linens and dead bison parts. 

Another night the audience came up with the title “Mr. Cranston’s Wild Ride,” which turned into a story about a young male poet having trouble expressing his love for a young girl.  The young man then turns to his friend and his teacher for help and advice. 

Every show in the second half of the run in Scotland was a sell out.

On the last night, they sold an extra 60 seats over the theater capacity.

“It was really neat to see our humor translated to a Scottish audience.” Margolin said. “And it turns out that they were really receptive. It was very rewarding and an incredibly enjoyable experience, and I feel like I definitely learned a lot. I got to expand and broaden my horizons and try new things in new places.”