Alumni discuss college process during HW4L virtual meeting

Tanisha Gunby

Five alumni spoke about their educational, social and work-related experiences both during and after college at the HW4L Campus: College Experience on May 26.

The panelists included Genesis Aire ’19, Aliyah Daniels ’14, Carolyn Hong ’17, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Katie Lim ’13 and Sarah Winshel ’15, all of whom currently attend or graduated from different universities and applied to schools for a diverse array of majors.

Hong said that though her college experience began smoothly, her coursework steadily increased after her first semester.

“I think that Harvard-Westlake did teach me to seek help when I needed it,” Hong said. “I think that was really useful, being comfortable enough to go to professors or [teaching assistants] and ask for assistance.”

Natalie Barnouw ’21 said the event was an engaging way for her to learn more about college life from the perspectives of various alumni.

“It was interesting how the panelists said that not knowing what you want to do going into college is totally fine, or even switching partway through your four years is okay,” Barnouw said. “I liked how the panelists [said] to take a wide variety of classes when you’re a freshman, so you can get a taste of what you might or might not like.”