Robotics championships canceled due to pandemic

Julian Andreone

Due to the spread of COVID-19, the robotics program was unable to send subteams 62A, 62B, 62K and 62X to the 2020 California VEX VRC High School State Championship. Additionally, subteam 62B could not attend the high school division of the 2020 VEX Robotics World Championship, which was slated to be held in Texas in April.

Robotics teams disappointed by cancellation of State and World Championships

Throughout the year, the robotics subteams met for three to seven hours every day of the school week to hone their craft and aimed to win back-to-back State Championships. However, this spring, the unforeseen circumstances presented by the virus stripped team members of their opportunity to display their work. Robotics team member Reggie Kim ’21 said that the unexpected end to his junior year left him wondering about what could have been a championship season.

“It is very unfortunate to have [our season] end early, as we were very poised for [the State Championship] and were preparing every day for months,” Kim said. “Also, we missed our opportunity to go to [the World Championship], as it was canceled, and last year, it provided us with a lot of fond memories.”

Robotics coach expresses regret but praises teams for dedication

Robotics coach and math teacher Andrew Theiss said that the team was dismayed, as it was unable to showcase its months of dedication and preparation at the State Championship.

Theiss expressed disappointment about the season’s abrupt end but shed light on the teams’ record-breaking achievements over the course of the year.

“One of our teams was so highly ranked outside of the tournament that they qualified for the World Championship,” Theiss said. “The bittersweet part is that the actual State and World Championship[s] have been canceled. Still, the fact that we have four teams at the 2020 California VEX VRC High School State Championship, a new record, and qualified 62B for the 2020 VEX Robotics World Championship is incredible news.”

Though Kim was disappointed that the season terminated unexpectedly, he expressed appreciation for the community within the robotics program.

“It’s heartbreaking to see [the season] end early,” Kim said. “However, we are all proud of the work we’ve accomplished as a robotics team as a whole.”