Black wins coaching title

Chronicle Staff

When he left his assistant coaching position at Pepperdine University to become the Head Coach of Wolverine girls’ volleyball, Adam Black was hailed by Head of Athletics Audrius Barzdukas as someone who would bring “vision and enthusiasm to Harvard-Westlake volleyball.”

In his first year, Black led the girls’ volleyball team to a Mission League title, a city championship
and the state crown.

His accomplishments did not go unnoticed by CIF, which recently named him the Co-Coach of the Year. It wasn’t until a few days later when Black saw a bulletin at the Middle School that he was even made aware of his most recent accolade.

When asked who deserved the credit for the award, Black quickly responded, “the players.” He described his team as “15 of the most hardworking girls coupled with hardworking assistants.”

After a year filled with athletic accomplishments, Black said winning CIF Co-Coach of the year could not compare with his previous volleyball feats, including winning the CIF title and the state championship, all in his first year of coaching at the school.

“Athletic accomplishments kind of roll off one way or another,” he said, although he added seconds
later, “but it was kind of neat.”
Black said that in September he never envisioned all the success his team would go on to have.

“Those were the last things on my mind,” Black said. “Winning a championship, the awards, they weren’t things I thought about. I just wanted to get to know the girls. After that whatever happens