Two alums performed with Princeton a capella group

The voices of two alumnae echoed in the Great Hall once again last Friday, Jan. 31 when Betsy Goodman ’06 and Claire Abramowitz ’06 performed with the Princeton A Cappella group “Roaring 20” for middle school Vocal Ensemble and Madrigal classes.

One or two collegiate singing groups have performed for Middle School Performing Arts Department Head Nina Burtchaell’s classes, or the whole middle school, every year for about 10 years. Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and Yale have all sent groups that included alums.

Each class heard a set of five to six songs, including “Stacey’s Mom” and music by the artist Seal.

“The group had a particularly warm and open sound, which is unusual for this type of pop singing,” Burtchaell said. “It worked very well in the Great Hall, and I think my singers got some good pointers on vocal production, like how to sing pop without pressing the sound.”

A women’s group from Yale that specializes in Slavic music is scheduled to come in March.

For Burtchaell, “hearing Betsy and Claire sing these amazing solos with this fabulous group” was the best part of the performance.

“I was so proud,” she said.