15 to run community service

Members of the Community Council, a student run committee that will run the community service program next year, were announced yesterday. The Council will take over the school’s community service program starting next year and will consist of four juniors and 11 seniors. The following students will take part in the program next year:

Andrew Berman ’10
Caity Croft ’10
Ava Kofman ’10
Erin Moy ’10
Marni Barta ’09
Julie Barzilay ’09
Will Borthwick ’09
Max Eliot ’09
Sara Fleischman ’09
Taylor Hooks ’09
Olivia Kestin ’09
Shelby Layne ’09
Tyler Wallace ’09
Charlie Weintraub ’09
Lauren Wolfen ’09

The Council will hold its first meeting next Monday during Activities period, where they will discuss when to hold regular meetings for the rest of this year. Throughout the rest of this school year, council members will decide on how they will handle the community service program next year, said Jordan Church, Director of Student Affairs.

“We’ve provided them with the environment and the opportunity,” said Church, “now they have to figure out what they will do with it.”

Starting next September, Community Council will be made an official class that will meet on a regular basis during the school day. Jan Stewart, the current Director of Community Service, will continue running the Community Service program until the end of this school year.