5 to coordinate Peer Support

Five juniors were selected Monday to be Peer Support coordinators for the 2008-2009 school year.  Annie Belfield, Sarah Brandon, Cody Davis, Lauren Gold and Jono Wagmeister will each assume this role next fall.

 Applicants had to fill out an application and give a speech describing why they were right for the job.  Coordinators organize the trainees, leaders and sign-ups into their groups at the beginning of the year. 

“We sort of become the right-hand man for any issues that come up,” Wagmeister said. 
This year’s junior trainees and senior coordinators, Vanessa Zackler, Alex Wittenberg, Sabrine Bilger and Sarah Steinberg, along with school psychologist Sheila Siegel and Counselor and Humanities teacher Luba Bek all helped select the Coordinators from the nine applicants.

Normally there are four coordinators total, but this year there was a close tie for the fourth spot, and the decision was to to create a fifth position.

“I’m excited,” Wagmeister said.  “I think it’ll be a great year, and it’s a really great program.”