Boys’ soccer bows out in first round

The boys’ soccer team made the playoffs for the second straight year only to fall to Chino Hills 1-0. The team, which finished third in Mission League, hopes to continue its streak of making the playoffs.

“Hopefully we started a trend,” Head Coach Freddy Arroyo said.

Despite averaging eight seniors starting per game, Arroyo thinks the young talent can pull the squad through next season to keep the run going. With Anthony Farias-Eisner ’09 returning from a U.S. soccer training program and the likes of Victor Kroh ’10 at midfield, Arroyo is aware of of the possibility of a third straight playoff appearance. The match against Chino Hills, though, was labeled as a disappointment by Ben Marenberg ’08. The one goal game ended the team’s season with an early playoff exit.

“We played a tough game against a tough team, and unfortunately we came up a little short,” he said.