Spanish language students to journey to Argentina

Spanish language students will take a trip to Argentina organized by the school this summer. The trip offered both from July 26 to August 10 and from July 16 to August 4.

Up to 15 students will stay with Argentinean families during the week and in hotels on weekend excursions. The weekend excursions are staying at a ski resort and visiting Buenos Aires and Barreal. There are also city excursions during the week.

Monday through Thursday students take classes and participate in other activities such as community service, field hockey, and group and private dance lessons.

This is the second year in a row the Upper-School Spanish Department’s trip has been to Argentina. Head of the Upper School Foreign Language Department Javier Zaragoza thinks this year’s trip will be better than the one last year. The order of the excursions has changed and the needs of each student will determine the design of the classes.

“Basically, I am jazzed to do this trip,” said Zaragoza.

There will be personal tutoring and an AP preparation class along with special arrangements for those who need athletic or dancing practice.

The trip is a very good experience for Spanish student. Last year’s program enabled many to go into honors and AP classes and three to be indicted into the Honor Society.
“Total immersion beats the classroom environment hands down. Living one on one with the family and doing the community service in a non English Speaking environment is the best,” said Zaragoza. “The city is a great place since the people are friendly and genuinely helping.