Editors remain committed

For the last several years, we’ve used this letter as a platform to talk about the website, to introduce a more interactive era of The Chronicle and to promise our readership access to the news faster and more conveniently.

Last year, we made great strides in accomplishing that goal, but we can do better. This year, we will.

We redesigned our website this summer — there is a “contact us” box so you can tell us what you think, and the layout is more user-friendly, with features appearing at the top next to breaking news and sports stories appearing next to the day’s box scores just below. For readers who can’t get enough, we’ve even added an RSS feed so you can subscribe to the website and get your daily Wolverine news fix effortlessly.

The Chronicle features, in some form or another, all of the news about Harvard-Westlake that’s fit to print. To that end, we will be featuring more web-exclusive content than ever before — stories we want you to read but that couldn’t be included in our latest issue.

We’ll be blogging more about timely issues in our community and in the world at large. Right now, there’s a post up about one staffer’s experience at the Democratic National Convention, and we’ll add more throughout the year spanning a range of topics.

Breaking stories will be posted as they happen, and more multimedia will be used to add an additional perspective. We’ll feature a slideshow on the latest event at the top of the page — right now it’s the Senior Faculty Barbecue — and post additional photo galleries for everything else — stuff you won’t find in Facebook albums.

As always, The Chronicle is committed to giving you the news in a timely, up-to-the-minute fashion, but in-depth coverage in our issue each month remains a priority. We’ll do our best to give you the best of both worlds, posting frequently on the web while delivering the classic Chronicle you’ve come to know and love. (We hope.)

Above all, we’re dedicated to writing the same reliable coverage we’ve provided for 17 years. As much as things change, we firmly believe that should stay the same, and we look forward to continuing that legacy this year. Don’t hesitate to let us know how we’re doing.

— Lucy Jackson ’09 and Andrew Lee ’09