Nearly 1,000 spend summer on campus for programs, sports

Every day throughout the summer, nearly 1,000 students used the upper campus for summer programs and training, a significantly larger number than the 850 who attend during the school year.

Overall summer program enrollment for academic enrichment classes, summer workshops and Gold Medal Sports Camps increased 14 percent under upper school dean Jim Patterson, distributing a total of 700 students across the campus.

Due to the Middle School Modernization Project, the Summer Enrichment Program relocated temporarily from the middle to the upper campus, bringing another 70 students. In addition, 300 varsity athletes also prepared for the upcoming seasons on campus.

However, there is still room for more students.

“There’s a lot of growth potential, especially in the visual and performing arts,” Patterson said.

While it was only “reasonable to make use of some of the best performing and visual arts facilities in the city,” Patterson has also been looking to expand the summer enrichment classes to include programs from the Center for Talented Youth, which are already being offered at John Hopkins University.

Beyond the added classes, changes include a new online registration portal, mailed brochures and new advertisements placed in local newspapers.