Chamber Singers bond during overnight retreat

The trip to Italy over Spring Break was one of the key discussion topics during the seventh annual Chamber Singers’ retreat. Students joined together on Sept. 12 to spend two days at a 6,000 foot elevation at Camp Wrightwood.

Ellie Bensinger ’09 and Jeremy Cairl ’09 were not able to come until Saturday morning because of the Friday night football game.

“The fact that they left at 4:30 a.m. in order to arrive on time absolutely amazes me,” Choral Director Rodger Guerrero said.

During the retreat, students had to follow a very precise schedule. After unpacking their bags and eating dinner on Friday night, students went straight to a vocal lesson. The section leaders then led the group in bonding activities. The bonding included playing charades, singing songs and participating in other activities that allowed them to get more familiar with one another.

“It was most important to provide a bonding experience for the choir, especially one that took place far from the Harvard- Westlake environment,” Guerrero said.

The next day consisted of more vocal training and excercises. Because the group spent a significant amount of time voicing each section, the choir was able to find a comfortable blend of the overall sound. The singers also rehearsed a wide range of music including a song for the Senior Ring Ceremony that they would perform the day after they return.

“This retreat helped me to become closer and more comfortable with the other choir members,” Lisa Elder ’09 said. “We are all so different, but we complement each other really well.”

The Chamber Singers are scheduled to spend 10 days touring Rome, Florence and Venice during Spring Break.

Spirited by the retreat, Guerrero said he looks forward to the rest of the year.