Student ambassadors become acquainted with new campus

Due to the Modernization Project at the Middle School, the Admissions Committee has begun retraining student ambassadors so that they can continue holding tours of either campus.

A mandatory meeting took place last Wednesday at the Middle School to inform students of changes in the program and tour routes.

Among other modifications, interviews will be held during the school week to allow prospective students and families to see the campus during school hours. However, Family Visiting Days are still part of the admissions process.

“What we’ve tried to adjust for next year is all applicants to seventh grade will be interviewed during the week on campus,” Assistant Director of Admission Michelle Hung said. “Once we receive an application, our office will arrange for them to visit the school during the school week and come for an interview.”

“Because we are a new campus, we wanted to provide many opportunities for them to see the campus,” Hung said.

During the bulk of the construction last year, Ambassadors sometimes included a visit to the faculty lounge balcony that overlooked the construction and told the families they were touring about the changes. Ambassadors would also show them architectural models of what was being built.

“I think the project really speaks for itself,” Hung said. “Even though we didn’t give tours of the facilities, they could read about it, they could see the skeleton, which was very impressive on its own. They can imagine all of the amazing things their kids can do in that school.”

Hung said that the number of applicants was not affected last year during the construction, but there was certainly a high level of curiosity and interest from potential students and their parents.

Since upper school students are not familiar with the new campus, they are more than welcome to be shown around by a fellow ambassador who is currently at the middle school campus. Even current middle school students will need time to get to know the campus first.

“We are going to need some time for students to actually experience the school themselves so they can give tours,” Hung said.