Photo class attends Prada event

Ten students in Kevin O’Malley’s Advanced Photography II class were invited to an opening party for Prada’s new men’s fragrance, ‘Infusion d’Homme,’ and a screening of nine short films inspired by the fragrance at the Hammer Museum on Oct. 27.

Alumna Celine Khavarani ’95, a former student of O’Malley’s, is the public relations representative for Prada.

She called O’Malley and invited him to ask students if they wanted to attend the party.

The party consisted of a small reception in the garden area of the Hammer Museum.

“There were waiters with lots of different drinks and fancy finger foods,” Joe Girton ’10 said.

The reception was followed by the screening of nine short films.

Prada sponsored nine directors from different countries and provided them with a description of the different aspects of the cologne.

The directors then created short films depicting the fragrance.

“Each director was from a different part of the world, so each video had a taste of a different country and a different message,” Ilica Mahajan ’10 said.

Academy Award-winner Pietro Scalia edited the nine short films to create one end product called “Alchemy.”

“At the event, we were able to ask questions to two of the sponsored directors — Beng from Spain, Michael Merryman from the United States-and Pietro Scalia himself,” Chelsea McMahon ’10 said.