Community Council opens office in lounge

Community Council has set up its new office in the center of student activity in hopes of making community service a daily part of student life.

The space was laid out in the lounge in mid-October after the council discussed the need for a more tangible presence of the group among the student body.

“Community Council is really looking to help students become more involved with community service endeavors,” Community Council member Marni Barta ’09 said. “By putting the office in the student lounge, we establish the Community Council as a part of the campus and makes us more accessible to students.”

Each Community Council member is required to spend a minimum of two free periods a week in the office so that students can come visit and ask questions or inquiries that they may have about many events that the community council organizes in an effort to promote community service.

The office neighbors those of the council’s advisers, Chaplain Father J. Young and Director of Student Affairs Jordan Church.

Young and Church suggested that an office be created as the headquarters for the group.

“We didn’t just want to be a group behind closed doors,” Barta said. “We want encourage students to come to us. By getting a office in the lounge we show that we really are there to get students to unite and to create projects for other students to get involved.”