3-point shooting contest promotes girls basketball

The Sports Council and the Student Athletic Advisory Council are teaming up to sponsor a three-point shooting contest after winter break. The contests will be held during activities periods, which will lead up to a final contest held during halftime of the girls’ varsity basketball team against Notre Dame.

The event was proposed by Dean Jon Wimbish, a member of the Sports Council.

“We jumped at the opportunity to bring more fans to the game,” said Kellie Barnum ’11, a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Council.

Both boys and girls are allowed to participate, along with faculty members.

Although there will be preliminary separate brackets dividing up the faculty and the students, the top faculty member and the top student will compete in the finals in the ultimate challenge: a long-range shooting supremacy.

“I’m looking forward to this event,” Katrina Okano ’11 said. “Past events haven’t excited me but this seems like it will reach out to a lot of students.”

All school members are invited to play, with the exception of anybody who is on a basketball team at school.

“We’re trying to get more people to come to the girls’ varsity basketball games because students always come to the boys’ games, yet not the girls,’” said Tiana Woolridge ’11, a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Council.

A school-wide e-mail was sent to sophomore, junior and senior classes describing the event.

Students interested in being a part of the event should contact Wimbish.