Huybrechts approves 5-day cycle schedule

By Lauren Seo

A nearly unanimous decision to impose a new schedule based on a five day cycle for the next school year was made by the Faculty Academic Committee on Tuesday, April 21.

The cycle will function in a way similar to the cycle at the Middle School, basing itself on days A-E instead of on Monday-Friday. To keep the timing of the school schedule the same, an activities period will still be held every Monday instead of every Day A.

The schedule was jointly proposed by math teacher Beverly Feulner, who is in charge of scheduling, and Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts at last month’s upper school faculty meeting.

“It’s really to ensure a consistent experience for all of the students,” Huybrechts said.

Huybrechts said she recognized the shortcomings of the Monday through Friday layout as compared to the six day cycle since she came to the Upper School.

When Mondays are cancelled for holidays or break, classes that do not “x” on Mondays meet three times that week, creating an issue for teachers since one of their classes would receive fewer lessons.

Although there are some logistical concerns, Huybrechts sees no harm in testing the waters.

“If the schedule is a hardship for anyone, or for some reason it doesn’t end up working, then we’ll go back to the old system,” she said. “But I definitely think it’s worth a try.”