8th grader’s film wins awards at local and international festivals

By Olivia Kwitny

Zelda Wengrod ’13 won an award at the Global Kids for Kids festival in Canada. 

Her three minute noir film “The Night in Question,” won the Best Film in the Live Action Six Through 12 Years-old category from a professional jury comprised of four Canadian film industry professionals.

This is one of only two films Wengrod has made.

“She really thought about what made a noir film,” Cheri Gaulke, who taught Wengrod in a Visual Arts class in summer 2007, said. “She watched those types of films to really understand them.”

After doing internet research, Wengrod introduced Gaulke to many festivals, including Global Kids for Kids.

“Zelda really impressed me as a director. She was involved in costumes, lighting, and so many aspects throughtout the film process,” Gaulke said.

Entered into contests the in summer of 2007, Wengrod’s film has won awards at the Newport Beach Festival and the Chicago International Film Festival.

“I wold love to pursue filmmaking when I grow up,” Wengrod said. “It’s one of my passions.”