Sophomores, juniors elect prefects for 2009-2010

By Catherine Wang

Current junior prefects Reid Lidow and Jennie Porter won the Head Prefect election March 23 and 24.

While Porter ran unopposed for the female head prefect position, Lidow beat out candidates Jake Schine ’10 and A.J. Sugarman for the position.

Juniors Jake Gutman, Chase Morgan ’10, Sylvia Gintowt-Gindick and Aarti Rao will become next year’s senior class prefects.

Sophomores Mariana Bagneris, Chris Holthouse, Christin Kanoff and Austin Lewis were voted in as next year’s junior class prefects.

The junior prefect elections were held April 21 at a mandatory sophomore assembly in Rugby Auditorium.

Four female and six male sophomores ran for two female and two male positions on the Prefect Council.

The female candidates were Bagneris ’11, Kanoff ’11, Courtney Kelly ’11, and Jamie Temko ’11. The male candidates were Jonathan Etra ’11, Holthouse ’11, Evan Jackson ’11, Lewis ’11, Danny Marenzi ’11, and Greg Zalevsky ’11.

The election was run by Head Prefect Tessa Wick ’09 and prefect Harry Botwick ’09.