Bellon plays population games

By Candice Navi

Benj Bellon ’09 has written a paper on population games, along with research regarding the definition of time and principles in computational biology and biophysics.

Bellon wrote a 35-page paper dealing with the subject of population games, which provide a general model of strategic interactions among many different kinds of agents such as network congestions and natural selection.

“A population game is a model that deals with strategic interactions between large numbers of anonymous agents,”Bellon said. “In my paper, I examine population games geometrically.”

Bellon’s findings are interpreted using a graph in order to visualize, draw conclusions and describe the strategic interactions.

However, this is not the only thing Bellon has undertaken this year. He has taken interest in “the attempt to revise the definition of time: the idea of time as the sum of changes within different observable frameworks,” Bellon said.

On the side, Bellon has been studying principles in computational biology and biophysics along with more extreme theories in which he rethinks the idea that the speed of light is always constant.