Community Council hosts service fair

By Sade Tavangarian

The Community Council held the Community Service Fair on Monday Oct. 5 in the quad during break, with more than 15 communal projects to the sign up for.

The purpose of the fair was to get students to sign up and get involved by fulfilling their community service for the 2009-2010 school year, Community Council member Gaby Cohen ’11 said.

Some of the organizations at the fair included “Send A Smile” which sends cards to sick children in hospitals in Los Angeles and “Tree People” which plants trees in local parks and along city streets, on school campuses and in the mountains surrounding Los Angeles.

Others included “Habitat for Humanity,” which builds new homes for unfortunate families around the world.

Also featured at the fair was a booth for the organization “Heal the Bay,” which is a beach cleanup project to stop waste from polluting oceans.

There was also “Pet Orphans” which helps stray animals find homes, and “Operation Gratitude,” which sends care packages to the army.

At the fair, students signed up for community service events or to support an organization.

“The Community Service Fair is the kickoff for a new school year filled with amazing opportunities and community service events,” Cohen said. “It’s a great way to show the students what they can do to fulfill their community service requirement doing something they enjoy.”

Community Council member Berni Barta ’10, started an organization called “Kid Flicks,” which collects videos and DVDs to donate to hospitals.

Although it was not featured at the fair, students can expect to see drop boxes for videos around campus soon.