School creates music station

By Sadé Tavangarian

Designed for students who are interested in composing, a new electronic music station is now installed in the upper school music department.

The system is equipped with a 16-channel recording studio and consists of an iMac with a customized Logic and Pro Tools work station. It was installed Oct. 15 and was donated by a Harvard-Westlake family.

“It is used for my devoted electronic music students and is used for direct studies,” performing arts teacher Shawn Costantino said.

In addition to using the systems for students’ directed composition study, the music classrooms at the Upper School are in the process of being wired to the recording studio, so that choral and instrumental performances can be captured on high-quality recordings that can be used for audition submissions to various festivals, Costantino said.

Although the middle school has a fewelectronic music stations in their performing arts department, the Advancment Office believed it was necessary to have one set up at the Upper School.