School changes uniform brand


By Jordan Freisleben

After three years of sporting Adidas uniforms, all school athletic teams’ uniforms have been changed to Nike. The change to Nike was led by Athletic Director Darlene Bible, who oversees all operations of the Athletic Department.

“She is constantly looking for ways to better serve our students, while conserving school resources,” Head of Athletics Audrius Barzdukas said. “She was the architect of the original plan to have every school team wear uniforms with a consistent look and identity.”

The switch in brands was based primarily on the fact that Adidas had difficulty stocking enough items from which the Athletic Department could choose.

“Our vendor also had trouble filling our orders in a timely manner due to lack of stocked items.  Special orders take a great deal of time to receive,” Bible said. “We are staying with the same vendor, and they are secure that we will have more items available and be able to receive these items more quickly while working with Nike.”

With Nike uniforms, there is more red, black and white readily available, Bible said.

 “So far we are as pleased with the quality as we were with Adidas overall,” she said.  “I know some of the teams receiving new uniforms this year were happy with the change, the girls’ tennis team for example.  The quality is equal, the choices are much better and the time it takes to get the merchandise is less.”

All sports uniforms the school is scheduled to purchase are now made by Nike. Uniforms for most teams are changed approximately every three years.  There are still a few teams not required to go with Nike. 

“We have a deal to get Nike uniforms whenever possible, and this brings the cost of the merchandise down,” she said. “It is actually a contract that we have with Nike, allowing a reduced price for ordering large amounts of merchandise.”