Studio City adapts to COVID-19

Sandra Koretz

The COVID-19 pandemic caused Studio City’s stretch of Ventura Boulevard to transform throughout the summer, as businesses have adapted to stay afloat and provide for others in the community.

Granville, The Village, Katsu-Ya Sushi and other restaurants have added tables outside and separated them with sneeze guards in order to maintain social distancing boundaries.

As of late July, 90% of small businesses in the United States reported they are open in some capacity, according to a small business report published by the United States Chamber of Commerce. In Studio City, restaurants remain operational and seat guests outdoors.

Big Sugar Bakeshop, a bakery operating in Studio City since 2006, sells a variety of baked goods. Since the bakery sells food to the public, the employees take extra precautions to avoid the spread of the virus, such as wearing masks and gloves.

Studio City resident Len Korol ’21 said that he will continue to support the economy by purchasing goods from local businesses.

“In order to keep businesses which we enjoy open, we have to do our part to support them,” Korol said. “If a store is taking the proper precautions, then I would buy baked goods from them.”

Bonjour Fete, a party and small gifts boutique store, has reduced its capacity and now requires shoppers to wear masks. Hand sanitizer is placed throughout the store, and the door is left open to maximize airflow.

The lack of parties and events happening during the virus has affected business, since the store mostly sells unique party supplies, Bonjour Fete founder Rachel Huntington said.  

“There are no more large parties, so we are not selling as many bulk supplies, but people are finding the time to make celebrating milestones special, and we have been doing a lot of parade supplies and balloons,” Huntington said.