Seniors prank junior, sophomore classes

By Sammy Roth

The Class of 2010 lost its senior privileges for three days after two computers and a camera were damaged in a prank, Head of Upper School Harry Salamandra announced in an email to the class Wednesday.

Sophomores and juniors left Taper Gymnasium after the Head Prefect assembly Wednesday to discover that many of their backpacks had been moved to locations across campus.

Students continued to search for their backpacks into third period. There was at least one large pile of backpacks in the garden outside Rugby, and another one in Rugby Tower.

Dean Vanna Cairns said that there were “dozens” of seniors behind the prank and that the entire senior class would see their senior privileges revoked through the end of the week, and possibly after spring break as well. This decision was made within minutes of the assembly ending, Cairns said, by Head of Upper School Harry Salamandra, the deans and teachers who could not start their classes on time.

Cairns called the prank a “cute idea” but said that it was very problematic, making many sophomores and juniors late for their third period classes. She noted that Wednesday was a particularly bad day for the prank, as many classes have tests today.