Advancement office to launch online job board for alumni

Chronicle Staff


By Daniel Rothberg

With the unemployment rate in California exceeding 12 percent, the Advancement Office is set to launch a job board website for alumni before the end of the academic year, Chief Advancement Officer Ed Hu said.

“The Harvard-Westlake Alumni Board has identified a large group of alums who are contacts or in positions to post jobs in many different fields,” Hu said. “These alums can also identify people in their organizations who can post jobs after being registered as a job poster.”

The Advancement Office hopes to also give parents as well as parents of alumni the ability to post on the job board.

“Career networking is something that we see as a tremendous opportunity to help our alumni community,” Hu said.

“Fellow alumni and parents and parents of alumni are a great resource for the alumni community,” he said.

Alumni would have access to the website by logging on to their Harvard-Westlake accounts.