School to punish Coldwater speeders

By Megan Kawasaki

Effective this year, students caught speeding along the middle lane of Coldwater Canyon Avenue or performing other illegal driving maneuvers in the morning could have their parking privileges revoked.

More police vehicles will be stationed along Coldwater Canyon Avenue and will cite those who speed through the center lane or side streets, Head of Security Jim Crawford said.

All members of the school community are also encouraged to notify the school if they see any reckless driving.

Teachers, students, and faculty members should understand that speeding and other illegal maneuvers are unsafe since by doing so, they not only endanger themselves but somebody else, Harry Salamandra, Head of Upper School, said.

Hazardous student driving has repeatedly caused trouble for faculty and staff, and the potential for accident-related injury is significant, said Rob Levin, Chief Financial Officer, said.

The policy was implemented due to constant complaints about students racing up Coldwater Canyon Avenue.

“Students who steam down the center lane prior to the turn pocket run the risk of striking vehicles whose drivers have duly waited to reach the pocket prior to turning [into the school],” Levin said.

While speeding and other dangerous maneuvers such as illegal u-turns are concerning issues, the school is mainly trying to encourage safe driving habits among all members of the community.

“Don’t compromise yours or others’ safety to get [to school],” Salamandra said.

Even if people are performing these driving habits in order to get to school on time, it is still unsafe.

“There are ways to deal with running late, and it’s not the end of the world if you’re stuck once in a while. How much time are you really saving by doing one of these maneuvers?” Salamandra said.

Students, especially those who have requested parking privileges, should recognize the risk of accidents and drive in a safer manner, Levin said.

Any students who drive recklessly can be subjected to an expensive speeding ticket or possibly be barred from parking if poor driving habits continue. If they do not consistently drive well, they could be asked to stop driving to school.