Huybrechts approves fan behavior rules

By Austin Block


Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts has approved the Fan Behavior and Sportsmanship Review Committee’s proposal to improve fan behavior after the Faculty Advisory Council endorsed the document at its Oct. 26 meeting. The proposal has five recommendations, the first of which is to “establish and communicate expectations for student behavior and sportsmanship.”

Huybrechts said she plans to fulfill this recommendation by sending a letter to parents and students communicating the school’s fan behavior expectations.

“The other four [proposals] will be phased in with time, but sooner rather than later,” Huybrechts said.

The letter should also at least partially cover the second recommendation, which advised informing parents about these expectations and making it clear to them that fan behavior standards for both parents and students exceed those at professional sports games.

“To some extent or another, all groups involved recognized a need to structure the Fanatics Club so we can both continue the positive work they do by cheering for our teams and to corral their indiscretions,” the third suggestion said. “This priority is potentially the most difficult obstacle to tackle without a carefully orchestrated plan. Students will inevitably resist didactic restrictions or regulations so it is essential for all ‘structuring’ efforts to include a discussion with members of the Fanatics.”

“We are not really actually changing anything because there have been expectations for fan behavior for a long time, but we are just more cognizant of our shortcomings and willing to step forward when we see something wrong,” Huybrechts said. “The fans are usually fabulous…