Speaker talks to Middle School about alternative energy

By Wendy Chen 

A Solar Reserve speaker taught middle school students about the energy used in people’s homes and how that energy is generated.  About half of the eighth grade heard Andrew Wang speak on Thursday Nov. 4.

Wang, works in the clean energy sector for Solar Reserve, a company that builds solar power plants for commercial use.  He explained to students how fossil fuels are used in the generation of electricity, and how in turn, the generated electricity travels out of the power plant to homes. 

Wang’s main focus, however, was on alternative forms of energy.  He spoke about solar power, wind power, nuclear power, and geothermal power.  In explaining various types of alternative energies, Wang also described the physics behind the systems.  He explained the benefits and consequences of using each type of alternative energy.   

“I really appreciated someone as knowledgeable and personable as Andrew Wang taking time from his work to speak with us about alternative energies,” said Tara Eitner, middle school science teacher.  “He taught each of something we didn’t know and in the end I think we all left with a much better understanding of how power is generated and how it gets to our homes.  If we are lucky I can get him to come back next year.”